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Raymond Kearney

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Raymond Kearney is a hands-on grandfather and well-known businessman. Ray wants to improve Orihuela Costa where he has lived for 17 years with his family. Ray sees many ways to improve the coast and is active in local politics. Ray is totally opposed to corruption, lying politicians and incompetent political parties. Keeping promises, hard work and serving the voters is what Ray is about.


Ray believes that tourism, with all the supporting services, is vital for the progress of Orihuela Costa, not only for tourists but for the residents and businesses of the coast. A focus on tourism is also a focus on a cleaner greener coastal area, free from graffiti and rubbish with cleaner streets and breaches. In turn businesses flourish providing more jobs and better services. The end result will be more people wanting to live here which will improve property values. To name but a few Ray wants to improve schools, parks, road infrastructure, street and beach cleaning, the postal service, lifeguard services and the overall environment for business. Ray is passionate about the removal the La Zenia toll, dozens of annoying road bumps and the blight of graffiti around our coast.

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Avda. Villamartín, 2 – Primera Planta – Local 11
Orihuela Costa, Alicante 03189
+34 965 073 456
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